Sunday, March 8, 2015

              Contemplations in an ice storm
Its monday morning and frigid cold. I wonder briefly why my fan is turned off since I usually have it on throughout the night. As I come into the living room it seems unusually dark to my sleep numbed brain, but I don't really figure out whats happening until my sweet little brother hops into the room.
“Kaiti, Kaiti, the powers out! Won't this be fun! Look at the ice”
His Staccato statements push the last of the sleepy cobwebs from my brain as I look out the window. There I behold one of the most beautiful sights. The World is covered in ice ½ inch thick. Icicles hang from everything. The sky is still a dusky grey, but even then the ice seems to shimmer and shine.
I smile, then shiver, as I think of the possible days without electricity. The house is already beginning to feel the chill. We do have a fire place, but seeing that my room is on the other side of the house, I foresee cold days in the future.
As night draws on, the chairs are being instinctively drawn toward the fire, and throw blankets are drawn closer about our shoulders. My little brother shivers and shakes as he tells us how much he likes power outages. During super we wonder how long we will be on a bread diet due to the stove not working. This is not a pleasant thought to me, as my stomach gets upset if I eat to much gluten.
In the cozy glow of the lamplight we prepare for the night. Couches and couch cushions are pushed closer to the fire. Armfuls of forgotten blankets are pulled out of back closets. Candles are lit and bedroom doors are latched to keep the heat in.
The light slowly leaves the room and we hop into bed even though its only about 7:00. theres really nothing to do when its frigid cold and dark. I lie in bed hoping the electricity comes back on soon. Some one told me during the day that last time there was an ice storm like this, the power stayed of for 2 weeks. I hope thats not the case this time, because the water is really to cold for a shower and my hair is already nasty.
In the morning it is still very cold. The house is staying between thirty and forty degrees according to me. But Daddy says that its probably really between forty and fifty. Still, I think thats pretty cold for inside a house! Breakfast is pretty cool, if you know what I mean. The honey will hardly come out of the bottle, But I wait for it Because I really need to get this honey lemon syrup made. I don't want to get sick as there is a field trip next week.
After breakfast I head out for one of my favorite pastimes, Taking pictures. Yesterdays weren't that great because the sun stayed behind the clouds all day. Today the sun is out and the world looks like a fairy land. I gasp as the cold air hits my face. It's probably about thirty-five degrees right about now. twenty minutes, and thirty pictures later, I come up with about five that are my favorite. I Want to put them on the computer, but electricity is still off and the computers charge ran out yesterday. I guess I'll have to wait.
It's the next morning and the power is still not turned back on. Some people say it should be on within 2 days, while others say they don't expect it on for 2 weeks. I tend to hope for the shorter time although this is turning out to be highly fun, if frigid.
I have a countdown going, although I guess it's really a count up. I glance at the clock and realize that we have been without power for 58 hours. Just as I make this discovery there is a series of beeps and the lights switch on. Everyone is highly happy, except my little brother who says he wishes it would stay off for ever.
Its all over now, has been for an hour, and I sit here contemplating this experience. I come to realize how noisy my house really is. The washing machine and dryer are running, The dishwasher is running, the heat is running, the ceiling fan is running, momma is talking on the phone. And although I never realized it before, our house is quite noisy. I contrast it to just a few hours ago. Complete silence except for the crackling fire, pages turning, and family conversation.
My mind transitions to that beautiful ice. I feel sorry for the poor trees, the buds where already coming out and then, wham, here comes the ice. It sounded like hunting season with lots of branches falling to the ground with an explosive “Crack”.
Then it hits me. I remember that in everything there is a parallel, an object lesson. I set my mind to finding out what it is. It hit me then. Those branches that fell to the ground, many of them had buds on them. They where living, yet they where not strong. Then came the ice, the trial, and all the imperfect branches where broken. The branches looked like a living part of the tree yet they fell when trial came. They didn't really have a good connection. I find myself admiring the branches that remain. The trees really look better with the dead and imperfect branches gone. That makes me think of something else. Through the storm, or trial, the trees where perfected. They where tried, as it where, yet they came out strengthened, ready to meet the next test better. I realize that its its the same with me. I don't always appreciate the storm, yet in the end I am strengthened through it. I think next time I will try to accept my trials more cheerfully, understanding that they are from the Lord, to strengthen and perfect me.

Job 23:10

But He knoweth the way that I take: When He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.