Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bells in Heaven, Bells on Earth

    Don't you hate that feeling? The feeling you get when you're waiting for news that is very important to you? You get this feeling in the pit of you're stomach. Your sure you made it. Wait a minute, you hadn't thought of that, you probably won't get in after all. But surely they wouldn’t say you can't join. Oi yoi yoi, why are you even thinking about this any way? Its just making you stressed. Well, thats about how I feel right now. I have wanted to join bell choir for about nine years now. The list comes out tomorrow. Have I made it? That long hoped for, long dreaded list. What will it reveal? Will they stick me in small choir instead? Small choir isn't bad, but its not my ideal. I sing a lot. I love to sing, I sing all the time. I sing while I work. I sing while I do school. I sang in the GYC choir. I sing in large choir. I've sang in children's choirs all my life. I sang with a quartet for four or so years. Now, I just really want to play bells. Again, I wouldn't mind small choir, and I would enjoy it I'm sure, but it's not my ideal.
     Its got me thinking though. I'm so anxious about this list. What about another list? What about that list in that book? The list of names. Will my name be on it? Will your name be on it? Why am I so anxious about the one and not the other? Hell isn't forever. We know that. But its not the ideal, by far. There is something so much better!!! Better than we can ever imagine. And our hope of seeing that something better hinges on that list. It's time for you and me to start getting anxious. And I don't mean worried. I mean start getting active, start living the faith that we preach. Start doing what we said we'd do all along. It's time to get moving, and its time to do it now!

“Lord, may the footprints that I leave, lead them to believe. And the life I live inspire them to obey”

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back to school

Well, as most of you already know, I have lived at this wonderful place
With this wonderful lady
and all the other wonderful people

and I was home-schooled. that is, until a few weeks after school started here. then guess what? I did what I thought I wasn't going to do for at least another year. I became the latest OHA student. I've only been here a few weeks, but I LOVE IT! yo, you guys really ought to come down here. Any and all of you. become new students with me at this wonderful place I call my school!