Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A burned hand (all across my fingers) - not fun
Sewing lessons two days after burning my hand - not fun
Trying to eat lunch with a ice pack on my hand - not fun
Walking through wal-mart right after my icepack melts and no pain killer, pain at about 8 - not fun

   But you know what? Praise the Lord! why? because He is good! Only mild burns, my hand was good enough to do my sewing, I learned that it is possible to eat lunch with my left hand, I can bear pain at an 8 without crying and dancing around. And even though I got burned, I had a ton of fun this weekend to make up for it! College retreat was so much fun! Wonderful meetings, leader and psychology after sundown, swimming Sunday, and a picture with the cheese pot before it burned me!:)
     You know what? I learned that no matter what I am going through, I can praise God! no matter what happens, or what seams to spoil my fun! being a grumbletone does not help matters and God has made sure that there is always something to praise Him about. Isn't God good?!