Thursday, September 11, 2014

     A letter to a friend. A letter of pleading. A letter of longing. Oh, if only she would give her life to Christ. She would be so much happier.
     I agonize with God as I try to think what to write. Now I know what Ellen White must have felt like as she wrote those many letters. You are always hoping you said the right thing.
     I pray as I turn back to my paper and continue writing. Oh how I want her as a star in my crown!
     "Please Lord", I whisper, "give me guidance and wisdom, you know her heart so much better than I do."
      I smile as I think back on my life. It is only just recently sense I have been truly walking with the Lord, But oh how sweet it is! I wonder what the rest of my life holds. What I will do. Who I will marry. I'm glad God worries about all that stuff so that I don't have to. I wonder how God can keep all that stuff strait. somehow my finite mind just can't comprehend it.
     I smile again as I catch sight of my hand lying on the paper. My mind seems to always wander just when I have a task for it to do.
     I start to write but the pen soon lies still again as I wonder how she will take this letter after how my past life has been. I have always tried to influence her for right, but one can cannot truly give what one does not truly have.
     I break into song as I think of all that Christ has done for me. Oh, how I love Jesus.
     The letter is finished now and I put it away hoping for the best.