Sunday, April 17, 2016

(these are just some random thoughts I had the other day. Not very poetic or anything, I know:)

what is faithfulness?
How would you describe it?
Is it like a rock, Solid and firm?
Or is it like the rain, refreshing from above?
Or maybe like the dew, refreshing from beneath?
Is it sort of like an ocean, with water never running out?
Would you say it was a mountain, never to be moved from its foundation?

You may describe it in all these ways and more.
But I could describe it in just two words: My Lord.
For he is like a rock, solid and a firm foundation.
He sends His Holy Spirit to rain upon us without fail.
He is like the dew, refreshing when there is no rain in sight.
His love, like an ocean, will never run dry.
He is a mountain, a strong tower, one that will never be moved.
Great is His faithfulness.