Tuesday, July 15, 2014

      A dark night, a full moon. Who could resist this perfect picture taking opportunity? I surely couldn't, so after returning from a friends house it was straight to the camera and not straight to bed, for me. I love taking pictures and although I don't have the best equipment to take the kinds of pictures I like taking, they usually turn out O.K.
       This full moon was not an ordinary moon. Oh no, it was supposed to be some sort of super moon. I guess the way it works is that last night the moon was supposed to have appeared larger and closer to the earth for some odd reason, don't ask me why. So even though it appears the same in pictures, I felt I just had to get a picture of it. Why? I don't know. Probably just because it was unusual and I had never taken a picture of the moon before.
          Anyway, as I was sitting there staring up at the moon through the view finder, I thought of something. If those scientist new about the moon coming to the earth, if they knew why and when and how, how come they don't know about the other soon coming? I came to the conclusion that what you study is what you find. Those scientist know a lot about the moon, they study and read about it, they watch it and know its patterns of travel. I also drew another comparison between the scientist and us. They acted like they new, they spread the news, they where excited about it. We know about Christ second coming, we read our Bibles, we hear about it from the pulpit, Ellen white has written much about it. Yet, even though The Second Coming is much greater then the appearance of the moon, Do we act like we know, do we spread the news to every kindred nation tongue and people, are we excited about it?
         Today let us learn a lesson from the scientist and the moon.