Thursday, July 10, 2014

This, I was reminded of in an experience I had this summer.
          I had always wanted to go canvasing. Actually I had been begging to do it ever since I was a little girl of nine. yet my parents always said "when you are just a little older". As a young child it was difficult for me to resign myself to that, yet since I had been taught from a young age to take my troubles to my friend Jesus, I quickly began asking God daily to make it possible for me to go on a summer canvassing program.
      In the spring of 2014, it looked like my prayers would be answered. A family Friend asked if I would like to come to a program out in Kentucky. I was delighted, yet troubles with this program started early. First, they had to make sure that they had room for me. then they said I could only come part of the time since I had to be 14. Next was that I had to find rides. I found a ride there, and a ride back. The only problem was, that the ride back came a week later then I needed it. So then We had to figure out a place for me to stay. We thought of one place, but the people there where not getting back with us. It was one day, only ONE DAY, until I was leaving. Truly there seemed to be no way! Yet God did make a way! the afternoon before I was to leave, I got a phone call saying that a place to stay until my ride came had been all worked out!!!!!!
   I love the way God plans these things! though that experience was hard on me, God did make a way, and strengthened my faith through this experience. I could have cried, I could have despaired of ever getting there. but, because I surrendered my will to Christ, He was able to Make it a wonderful Faith Building experience for me.  I Just Love how God makes His Ways!!!

Kaitlin :)