Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 “Morning Already?” I asked myself sleepily as I hopped out of bed and into my quick, ten minute shower. Even though we got beck late the night before from a long day of canvassing I new it would not do to sleep in, for one decides quickly, in this work, that both showers, and devotions are essential parts of everyday life.
     Hopping out of the shower, I grabbed my devotional material and headed out to find a quiet place to read and pray. Sorry to say, I don't remember what I studied that morning, But I do remember what I prayed. “Dear Father in Heaven, As I go out today to do your work, Please help me to have a love for the people.” This I prayed because some days I would find myself upset that people where not buying books, not because I thought they needed them, but because I needed them to buy them. This state of things I was determined to change!
      After a hurry flurry morning of breakfast, worship, stalking our bags, and all the other things that go into a canvassing program morning, we where finally in the van and on our way. I don't remember who picked me as a prayer partner, But I do remember telling them to pray that I would have a love for the people that day.
       First drop off—A trailer park.  Trailer parks are usually Ok, so I started out with a will. I began getting a little bit confused as person after person rejected me. What was I doing wrong, why was I not getting any books out?
       Second drop of – A street of houses. I was determined to get a book out here. As I walked from house to house I started getting agitated. All these people needed Christ SO badly! There attitudes where unchristlike, they had TV's playing, or music blaring. I could just see the pain and hurt, the need, in their eyes.
       All this was really getting to me as I was dropped of at my first string of businesses ever. I was scared stiff, but as everybody was having good success at their businesses, I decided that I would probably do as well. But at my first business I was kicked out, the second one everybody laughed at me, and the third one everybody sat stony faced as I said my canvass and then, not so politely, asked me to leave the premisses.
       This was to much for me! I sat down on a nearby bench and burst into tears. As I sat there, I forced myself to ask the question “Why am I crying? Is it because I am discouraged? Is it because they where unkind to me?” But I honestly could answer “no” to both of those questions. As I sat there I began to pray, and as I prayed I realized why I was so upset. It was the people. All of those millions of people. People who needed Christ. I had what they needed, and I could give it to them for a reasonable price. Yet they could not see, and they would not take it. 
       A little prayer, it only took a moment and not much thought. Yet it changed my whole perspective on canvassing. As I was reading in Pilgrims progress part 2 recently, I came upon a phrase that is repeat over and over “Ye have not, Because Ye ask not”. As I thought about this it brought to mind many things that I wished for, that I wanted, yet was I asking for them? Willingness in all situations, a song always in my heart, and a smile always on my lips. Always knowing what Christ would do in a situation, Going to Indiana camp in the fall. Being able to keep up with my school work during the year, and many, many more. All these things I probably have mentioned in prayer at least once, but what about persistent earnest prayer? A little thing, a little prayer, yet it could mean so much. It could change your whole life!