Friday, July 18, 2014

"Oh, weary dreary, my life is so uncheery"  Is a familiar phrase to all pilgrims progress part II fans. I forget the mans name, but all he would see was the muck and the flees, the molehills and the straw. For this man was a muck raker.
      I have been recently reading through this book and thought I would bring out a lesson from the muck raker. If you remember, there was an angel waiting to place a crown of life on the poor mans head, yet he would not heed it. he did not believe that the voice was for him.
      this reminded me of something. often times I have heard people make the comment "oh, but that is not for our times". I wonder, what do they think the Bible is, a history book with rules for nations past? No, I think not. The Bible is indeed a history book, but with lessons and rules for nations present. The angels of God are waiting with crowns of life, Christ Himself would like to put one atop each of our heads. Yet though the way to the celestial city is made plain, they say "oh, but that is not for our times".
      I thought of something else that is a bit more obvious when you read the story. That muck raker did not see beautiful things, not because there where none, but because he looked for the molehills and the flees. By beholding we become changed. although He would not begin to look like a flee, yet his mind would become as small and worthless as a flees brain from constant association with them. There are many good and beautiful things all around us, yet, if we continue looking for the muck, that is hat we will find and that is what we will become like.
      May God deliver me from the Muck raker's plight.